Minimum charge of $100

Payments Accepted: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit/Paypal (3% Fee)

  • Carpets 

    • $40 per bedroom

    • $40 per formal dining

    • $80 per large living room, den, or bonus room

    • $10 per hallway

    • $50 per stairway

    • Normal closets are no extra charge, walk-in closets may be charged extra

    • Very large rooms or rooms with difficult access could cost more

  • Rugs 

    • $10-50

    • The size of the rug and the material can vary the price.

    • We clean your rugs at your home.  We do not offer pick-up services for rugs.

  • Tile & Grout 

    • $200 per Kitchen/Utility/Bath area

    • $40 per separate bath​

    • $60 per large master bath

    • $85+ per living room or den

  • *Larger or unconventional jobs may be based on a $135 hourly rate

Pricing can vary based on size of rooms for all services.  Overly soiled and/or neglected carpet can incur extra fees.  Large jobs, especially large tile jobs may require an in-home estimate prior to booking.  All estimates are free.

Pricing can increase due to excessive distance from Mandeville.


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